Shir Shar Travel Agents is a newly established travelling company. Its main specialization is; 

- The sale of tickets both domestic and international

-All logistics

-Annual Rec Leave Refund

-Corporate and Business Travel

-Visa and Passport Arrangements

-Tourist travel and Tour Guides

-Hire Car & Accommodation Services

-General Merchandising & Consultation

 PROVISION OF SERVICE                    

* Management of all bookings, reservations and ticketing: - Shir Shar Travel Agents will provide both Domestic & International travel including single leg, round leg and multiple leg trip.

* Best prices: - Shir Shar Travel Agents will guarantee economy class travel if is requested and business class if required.

* Payment methods: - Shir shar Travel Agents will allow this form of payments. The form of payments will be cash and cheque.

*Quotations: - Shir Shar Travel Agents will provide a quotation for all the requested travel and will ensure that the best price is offered for the requested travel.

*Hours of Trading: -             Sunday – Thursday          7am-10pm

                                                                   Friday               7am-7pm

                                                                   Saturday         Closed for worship

                                                                                             6pm – 10pm

*Leave Entitlements: - Shir Shar Travel Agents can process customer re-creational leave entitlement and repatriation for 8% processing fees and promotion can be applicable


To become the leading Agent in PNG competing with the already well-established Travel and logistic companies in PNG. To deliver a high standard of customer service that exceeds our client expectation, using the experience of our staff and their comprehensive knowledge of domestic and international travel. The company’s vision is based upon National goals and priorities, Equal participation, Human Resource Development, Employment opportunities, Economic Development and social Development and welfare


We value our business partners, clients and friends with open heart through our best and quality services. Shir Shar Travel Agents is 100% nationally owned and operated company. We are committed to ensuring that our customer level goes beyond the ordinary and exceeds all the expectation of our clients.